How to Order Directly from Santo & Josie

Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces are especially popular with discerning folks who enjoy an authentic and flavorful taste but have little time to shop and prepare a gourmet sauce from scratch. Now you can have the convenience of ordering Santo & Josie sauces and gift packages, and Santo & Josie will have the products delivered right to your door.

Santo & Josie offers its gourmet sauces in a variety of boxes and gift baskets, including packages with the basic ingredients for dinner for two to eight people. You can even custom order gift baskets!

It's quick and easy to order directly from Santo & Josie, and you will get personalized service each time you order. Simply choose one of the three following ways.

1. To order by email, just send your order to

2. To order by fax, send your order to 704.541.5647.

Be sure to include the order code and quantity of each item that you wish to order. Provide us with a convenient time and telephone number so our order department can confirm your order.

3. To order by telephone, call us at 704.542.6542. If necessary, leave us a message with your telephone number and a convenient time, and we will happily return your call.


Tomato Artichoke Sauce

Our flagship product has chunks of tender marinated imported artichoke hearts mixed with a special blend of Italian spices and simmered in a sweet tomato sauce to create a savory Sicilian-style pasta sauce.


Tomato Olive Sauce

The sweet tomato sauce is simmered slowly to absorb the subtle sweetness of the succulent Kalamata black olives, bits of plump green olives, and the special blend of Italian spices that go into every bottle of Santo & Josie Tomato Olive Sauce. Santo & Josie Tomato Olive Sauce gives you the same full-bodied flavor and savory Mediterranean taste that Josie created in her kitchen.


Tomato Eggplant Sauce

The sauce offers a unique, delectable flavor for your favorite pasta or eggplant parmiagiana. Fresh ripe purple eggplant adds a textured quality and a mild, but distinctive taste to Josie's sweet tomato sauce seasoned with a delicious blend of Italian spices.


Gift Boxes

The Sicilian Double

Two 26-ounce jars of Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Pasta Sauces packaged in a beautiful gift box—your choice of two different flavors or two jars of the same flavor. A smaller version of our best selling Sicilian Trio gift box, but still enough sauce to go around.


The Sicilian Trio

Our best seller!

Three 26-ounce jars of Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Pasta Sauces packaged in a beautiful gift box. The box contains one jar each of Tomato Artichoke, Tomato Olive, and Tomato Eggplant Sauce or, if you prefer, three jars of one flavor.


Gift Packages

Santo & Josie Meal-in-a-Basket

Serves 2-4


Santo & Josie Sicilian Dinner Basket

Serves 6-8











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