Buon giorno

Welcome to our Santo & Josie web site. True to Sicilian tradition, visitors are always welcome, and when you leave, we hope that you've become part of the Santo & Josie family of loyal patrons and friends using our famous Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces.

We think that Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces are the most authentic and delicious tasting sauces in the marketplace today. We hope that you will, too. With the unique blend of sweet tomato sauce and a special blend of Italian spices, our Santo & Josie gourmet sauces set the standard for fine Italian dining, Sicilian style.

Thanks for visiting with us. We are always happy to hear from you—our extended family. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us at:


Our goal is to make Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces a household name. So, we would love for you to tell your friends about us and ask for us by name, Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces, at your favorite specialty store.



We invite you to join our elite group of patrons— Friends of Santo & Josie. Friends of Santo & Josie is a group of our satisfied customers who have a special interest in fine foods, wines, and the art of fine Italian cuisine.


While in Charlotte, North Carolina, visit our Santo & Josie Café and enjoy one of Josie's famous Italian entrées.


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