Santo & Josie is delighted to share with you some of our own favorite recipes. Some of the recipes were passed from Josie's mother to Josie and then on to Josie's son, Tony. Others were contributed by Friends of Santo & Josie. All have been taste tested in the kitchens of Santo & Josie.

Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces are tasty sauces for your favorite pasta. To serve your family a quick and easy gourmet meal at home, just heat and serve your favorite Santo & Josie sauce over freshly cooked pasta. Add a fresh salad and hot Sicilian garlic bread for a complete meal.

For a good buffet or party dish, simmer party-sized meatballs or tiny sausages in Santo & Josie Tomato Artichoke Sauce for one hour. Serve hot in a chaffing dish or other heated serving dish.

Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces are excellent as a basic ingredient of your traditional recipes for lasagna, manicotti, and other Italian dishes.

We welcome your favorite recipe using a Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauce. Click here to submit your recipe to Friends of Santo & Josie. For each recipe selected for publication to Friends of Santo & Josie, Santo & Josie will recognize you as the contributor of that recipe and send you a free gift.

  Chicken Parmigiana
Tony's special recipe for Chicken Parmigiana is one of his favorites from his mother Josie's kitchen. The Santo & Josie Tomato Artichoke Sauce gives the dish that home-cooked Sicilian flavor with a minimum of preparation time. It's the perfect and easy way to impress your family and friends. Just add a salad and hot bread to complete the meal.

Zucchini Parmigiana

Zucchini Parmigiana is a tasty vegetarian dish similar to Chicken Parmigiana. It is a good choice for a vegetable side dish or a vegetarian entrée.
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