The Story of Santo & Josie

Behind the tasty sauces of Santo & Josie is a story of love, courage, family traditions, and delicious Sicilian cooking.

Born in 1900, Santo Barretta was only 18 years old and dreaming of a better life when he sailed on the Dante Alighieri from his native Sicily to America.

Leaving family, friends, and his beloved Sicily behind, Santo endured a long, and tiring voyage across the Atlantic to Ellis Island, New York. Glimpsing the Statue of Liberty for the first time, he was filled with excitement and anxiety. Santo spoke no English and arrived all alone with only his determination and courage to see his dream come true. Unafraid of hard work, he found a factory job in northern Pennsylvania and settled there.

Josie was an infant when she and her parents, Joseppe and Girolena Marchess Frisina, immigrated to the United States in 1911. Also settling in northern Pennsylvania, Josie's family worked hard to make a new life in America. Josie grew into a beautiful young woman schooled in the rich Sicilian tradition of serving fine foods to her family and friends.

It was love at first sight when Santo met Josephine Frisina. True to Sicilian family traditions, Santo was not permitted to court Josie without the presence of her mother, Girolena, who sat strategically between them wherever they went. But love conquers all, and Santo married Josie Frisina on September 24, 1928 in a traditional Sicilian ceremony. That day was the beginning of a 55-year marriage filled with happiness and devotion.

All was not easy for the young immigrants; they worked hard rearing a family and establishing roots in their new country. Their Sicilian traditions lived on, particularly the tradition of fine foods. Their home was always filled with the aroma of delicious Sicilian cooking. Friends and family enjoyed Josie's expert cooking, especially the sweet-smelling tomato sauces always simmering on the stove.

Over the years, Josie's recipes were handed down and tweaked by her son, Antonio, or Tony, as he is known to friends. Tony perfected the sauces into today's famous Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Sauces.

Both Santo and Josie have since passed away. While they fully embraced America and their new way of life, they left behind a legacy of wonderful Sicilian traditions, fine food, and a loving family determined that Santo and Josie would not be forgotten.

Today, the company bearing their names, Santo & Josie, carries on the dining traditions that the original Santo and Josie enjoyed. Santo & Josie distributes Josie's delicious sauces. Their son, Tony, presides over the company to ensure that the fine foods produced by Santo & Josie are authentic and of the utmost quality.

Santo & Josie specializes in gourmet Sicilian-style sauces and foods, bringing a real taste of Sicily to you right at home.

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